Generation 8a – Children of William Whaley & Mary Pollard

Mary Ann Whaley, born Hough 1880 married Alfred Ulley at St Marks Church, Nottingham in Dec 1899.  

Alfred was a soldier.  He’d first served a few months in the militia, in 3rd Battalion Yorkshire Light Infantry (YLI) whilst working as a bricklayer. He then joined the regular army at Pontefract in 1890, initially joining 1 YLI before transferring to the Kings Own Scottish Borderers (KOSB).  He served with 2nd KOSB in India 1892-1898, including the Relief of Chitral in 1895.  He was on home service when he married Mary Ann.  He then transferred to 1st KOSB and served in South Africa during the Boer War (Jan to Aug 1900), possibly in the mounted infantry company.  Although he wasn't finally discharged from the Army until 1902, by 1901 he was back in Sheffield and working in the steel works.

They moved to his home town of Sheffield where Alfred worked in the steel works.  In 1901 they were living in Fowler St, Sheffield, 2 streets away from Johnson St, where her mother (Mary, nee Pollard) and sister (Agnes) lived.  By 1903 the Ulleys had moved to Johnson St, which had been renamed Jedburgh St.  They had 9 children; Mary Ann died in Sheffield in 1964.

Left: Mary Ann Ulley (nee Whaley) with her mother Mary (nee Pollard), her son Frederick and grandson Derek.  Right: Mary Ann Ulley

Agnes Whaley, born Hough 1886 moved to Sheffield with her mother Mary Anne after her parents split up.  In 1904 she married Thomas Henry Bennett in Sheffield, but she died about 5 years later in the Mansfield area.  By 1911 Thomas, a signalman on the Midland Railway, was living in Newton near Alfreton and Agnes' mother was his housekeeper.

Generation 8b – Daughters of Henry Herrod and Emma Whaley

Eunice Annie Herrod (b. Barrow on Soar 1879) married Ernest Jarvis.  They had a daughter:

Norah Jarvis was born in Grimsthorpe, Yorkshire in 1907. In 1911 (age 4) she was living with her grandparents in Barrow on Soar. At 14 she went to live with her aunt Lillie and (John) Lewis Whaley in Hough.  She married Tom Johnson in 1936.   In the 1950s Tom Johnson took over Lewis Whaley's land and milk business.

Elsie Olive Herrod (b. Barrow on Soar 1881) married Sidney Whaley (see below)

Lillie Herrod (b. Barrow on Soar 1883) married John Lewis Whaley (see below).

Generation 8c – Children of John Whaley & Sarah Ann Thurlby

Sidney Whaley (b. Normanton 1884) lived with his parents until 1914 and worked as an ironstone miner.  In 1914 he married Elsie Olive Herrod (his aunt Emma's step-daughter) in Barrow on Soar.  Sidney was a bell ringer and sang in the church choir at Hough.  In 1940 Sidney and Tom Johnson were pallbearers at Samuel Nicholson's funeral (he'd died at the post office age 75). Sidney died in Hough in 1953; Elsie died in 1962. They had a daughter:

Jessie Whaley, born Hough 1916, married John Edward Rimmington from Marston at Hough in 1935.

John Lewis Whaley (b. Hough 1885) was an ironstone miner at 15.  By 1911 he was a carpenter and still at home. In May 1912 he married Elsie Olive's sister Lillie Herrod (28) in Barrow on Soar. They are believed to have lived in Mill Mound Cottage in Hough where Lewis (as he was known) had a smallholding and was also the milkman.  They had no children but brought up John's neice Norah Jarvis who came to stay when she was 14.  John Lewis died in 1969; Lillie died in 1965.

Picture (right) shows Lewis and Lillie c1950.

Percy Whaley (b. Hough 1888) followed his brothers into the ironstone quarries.  In 1923 (aged about 35) he married Clarice Lavinia Bellamy (19). Later Percy ran the Hough cricket club. Clarice played the organ in the church and helped run the drama group.  Their daughter was:

Sylvia Ella Whaley, born Hough 1924, married Wilfred Nicholson of Hough in 1942

James Whaley (b. Hough 1890)  was born in Wright's Yard, Hough on the Hill.  Perhaps influenced by his uncle Joe’s army service, James was already a volunteer with 4th? Lincolnshire Yeomanry when Britain declared war on Germany on 4 Aug 1914.  On 11 Sep 1914 he signed up for full time service in the Lincolnshire Regiment at Sleaford. By then he was an asylum attendant (presumably at the Rauceby Mental Hospital, which opened in 1902), aged 24 years, 136 days. He was described as having a dark complexion, 5ft 6 1/2”, 134lbs, with light blue eyes and dark hair.

He was initially posted to 3rd battalion Lincolnshire Regiment, but this was soon changed to 7th battalion.  His regimental number was 12944.  He got into trouble during training for being absent without leave from Bovington Camp (Dorset) from 5th to 9th Jan 1915.  By mid May the battalion was at Lulworth Camp (Dorset). Whaley was then transferred to the 3rd battalion, then a month later he joined 1st battalion as they embarked for France.

Only part of his service records are readable. He spent 12-16 Oct 1915 in a field hospital with scabies.  On 13 Jan 1916 he was sent to join his unit at the front.  In Feb 1916 he had tonsillitis. He was wounded on 28 Feb 1916 but remained at duty.  On 13 Jul 1916 he was wounded in action and sent to a field hospital with a gunshot wound to left leg.  The next day he was admitted to Boulogne hospital then dispatched to England the same day on  hospital ship 'Jan Breydel' (see picture).    

On 15 Jan 1917 he was posted to class W of the reserve (‘for all those soldiers whose services are deemed to be more valuable to the country in civil rather than military employment’) and returned to the 'White House' in Gelston.  In 1919 he signed a disclaimer that he was not suffering from any disability due to military service.

During 1916 he had married Gladys May Sheffield.  They lived in Hough/Gelston.  James died in 1988, Gladys in 1977.  They had 3 children:

Leonard John Whaley, born 1918, died in Sheffield 1985

Clifford James Whaley, born 1920

Monica Whaley , born 1922, died 2005

Grace Emma Whaley (b. Hough 1892) married Leslie North in 1919.

Mary Caroline Whaley (b. Hough 1894) married Thomas Mason Lofthouse, a miller's son from Yorkshire in 1916.  They seem to have lived in Hull, where Mary may have died in 1946 (age 51).  However, Thomas died at Honington in 1950.  They had 3 children:

Gwendaline Lofthouse

Joan Lofthouse

Vivian Lofthouse, born Hull 1921, married John Masterman, died in Grantham 1967

Lucy Whaley (b. Hough 1897 ) married Thomas Edwin Teat at Hough in 1924.  She died in 1923.

George Whaley (b. Hough 1899) married Madge Hutton in 1921.  George Whaley was the coalman in Hough about 1920; they had a daughter

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