Generation 7b - Children of William Whaley and Ann Colby

Emma Whaley (b. Caythorpe 1871).  In 1891 Emma was a servant for James Bellamy in Ancaster.  Another servant was Joseph Cooke Sharpe from Digby.  They married in December the following year and lived in Frieston before moving (c 1898) to West Willoughby (between Honington and Ancaster).  Joseph was a (cattle) yardman and they lived in the Old Maltkiln House (presumably the house now called Old Malt House - the nearby West Willoughby Hall was dynamited in 1964).   They later moved to (or near) Melton Mowbray .  

Emma died in Melton Mowbray in 1932 and Joseph in 1959.  They had 6 children:

Aaron Sharp, born 1894, died 1971

William Sharp, born 1895, died 1962

Joseph Sharp, born 1897

Ethel May Sharp, born 1898, died 1986

Robert Edward Sharp, born 1899

John Henry Sharp, born 1902


Aaron Sharp                                   William Sharp                                        Ethel May Sharp                Robert Edward Sharp

Anne Whaley (b. Hough c1871) married Albert Wass Rawlinson (born Ropsley) in 1891.  Later that year they were lodging with Harriett Wass (widow) at 28 Grantham Rd, Ropsley.  In 1901 they were living at 19 Grantham Rd, Ropsley and Albert was an agricultural labourer.  By 1911 they were at 23 Newgate St, Lenton, Nottingham where Albert was working at the Raleigh cycle factory.   He died in Nottingham in 1931; Annie probably died 1930.  Their children were:

Alice Emma Rawlinson, born Ropsley 1891

Albert Edward Rawlinson, born Hough 1892

Florence Mary Rawlinson, born Ropsely 1894

William Henry Rawlinson, born Ropsley 1896

Ernest Alfred Rawlinson, born Ropsley 1897

Mary Annie E Rawlinson,  born Ropsley 1899

James L Rawlinson, born Ropsley 1902

Ethel Margaret Rawlinson, born Ropsley 1905

Alice Whaley (b. Hough 1876). In 1891 Alice was working in Hough as a servant at the Brownlow Arms in Hough (landlord Robert Pachett).  In 1901 she was in Vicars Court, Southwell as a servant for Anna Watkins.  On Christmas Day 1902 she married Robert Henry Wintin. He'd grown up at the Waggon and Horses beer house in Caythorpe, which his parents ran, and had been working as an engine driver – probably in the ironstone quarries.  In 1911 they were living in Caythorpe Low Fields (probably a house now demolished) and he was a farm labourer.  He died in 1954, Alice died in 1957.  They had 3 children:

Robert William Wintin, born 1904, married Eleanor Fox, died 1966

George Edward Wintin, born 1905, married Florence Foreman, died Kings Lynn 1987

John Henry Wintin, born 1905, married Lilian Warriner, died Leadenham 1976

Eliza Whaley (b. Hough 1879) was a domestic servant for John Marston in Carlton Road, Hough at the age of 12.  In 1901 she was the cook for Rev Henry Clinton at Cromwell Rectory (Notts).  In 1902 she married Frederick Rose ffrom Norwell Woodhouse, Notts.  In 1911 they were living at the Grange, Ossington, Notts where Frederick was farm foreman.  They both died in 1956.  Their children were:

Walter Rose, born Ossington 1903, died 1978

Arthur Rose, born Ossington  1904

Elsie Rose, born Ossington  1905, died 1987

Kathleen Rose, born Ossington 1910, died 1986

Frank Rose, born Ossington 1912, died 1990

Alice Rose, born Ossington 1914, died 1990

Anne Rose, born Caunton 1919, died 2003

Mary Whaley (b. Hough 1883) was the youngest daughter of William Anne.  After both her parents had died, she stayed in Hough with her mother's 3rd husband William Bennett.  In 1901 she was a servant (age 18) for George Pye (a farmer) in Eakring.  The following year she married William Henry Dicken in Nottingham.  He died in  Nottingham in 1904, but she then gave birth to a son:

•  William Henry Dicken , born Hough Jul 1905

In May 1908 she married James Parr in Dilhorne, Staffordshire.  Initially they lived in Staffordshire but by 1911 they’d moved to Alfreton, Derbyshire where he was a coal miner (hewer).  They had 2 more children:

James Parr, born Forsbrook, Staffs 1908

Cicely Maude Parr, born Caverswall, Staffs 1910

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