Generation 6b – Children of Edward Whaley (b. 1800) & Elizabeth

Rebecca Whaley (b.1830).  We haven't found Rebecca on the 1851 census, but she died at the age of 28 and was buried Hough in Dec 1857.

Ellen Whaley (b. Hough 1835) was a domestic servant for John Minta in Normanton in 1851.  She married John Bailey in 1859.  He was the son of Thomas & Elizabeth Bailey and been born and bought up in Long Bennington. John and Ellen lived in Long Bennington where he was an agricultural labourer. John died in the 1870s and Ellen and the children moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, USA about 1881.  Their children were:

Ann M Bailey , born Hough 1857, died 1916

William Bailey , born Long Bennington 1860, died 1881  

Thomas Bailey, born Long Bennington 1862, married Mary Jane Winegar, died 1889

Elizabeth Bailey, born Long Bennington 1864, married Gabriel William Smith, died 1953

Mary Edna Bailey, born Long Bennington 1866, married John Heber Tillet, died 1888

George Bailey, born Long Bennington 1868, married Grace Hannah Green, died Salt Lake City 1943

Robert Whaley (b. Hough 1840) seems to have been a farm labourer for John Hackett in Long Bennington in 1861, but we can't find any records thereafter.  There was also a John Whaley of about the same age working in Long Bennington  in 1861; he may be the John that was born in Grantham workhouse about 1842, but later said he was from Hough.   

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