Generation 6a – Children of James Whaley (b. 1791) & Mary Watchorn

Elizabeth Whaley (b. Westborough 1814) was a servant for Richard Hickson (farmer) in Hougham in 1841.  In Jul 1847 she married John Sills at Hough.  He’d been born in Little Pointon but by then was working as a servant in Ancaster.  They lived in various places between Ancaster and Sleaford following John’s work as a farm bailiff/foreman.  By 1871 they had their own 30 acre farm at South Fen, Helpringham.  After John died in 1886, Elizabeth lived in Wilsford.   She died in 1895, age 79.  Their children were:

Robert Sills, born Willoughby Heath, Ancaster 1849.  He married Sarah and was a wheelwright in the Ancaster area.

John Sills, born Ancaster 1851, married Elizabeth Gill in 1879.  They lived in Wigtoft until she died in 3 years later.  In 1886 he married Annie Chaney, a widow with 2 children. They moved to Donington and had 2 more children

Francis Sills, born Ancaster 1854, married Eleanor and lived in Nottingham before moving to Yorkshire.

Mary Whaley (b. Westborough 1817) seems to have lived with her parents in Hough until Mar 1847 when she married John Beecham, a farm labourer from Hough.   They lived in Hough.  By 1871 Mary was a widow and the housekeeper for Joseph Wright (joiner) in Hough.   She died in Oct 1886.  

James Whaley (b. Hough 1826).  In 1841 James had left home but was still in Hough as a servant to Joseph Cucksey, gamekeeper. By 1851 (age 23) he'd moved to Frieston as a servant to William Codd, a farm bailiff.  In Nov 1853 he married Mary Atkinson at Hough.  She'd been born in Aunsby but by 1851 was also a servant in Frieston, for John Garton (farmer).  When they married she was living in Welbourn.  James and Mary lived in Hough where he worked as a farm labourer.  Latterly they lived in one of the cottages on the Frieston Road.  James died in Hough in 1905, after which Mary moved in with her daughter Caroline at Chapel Hill near Dogdyke; she died at Chapel Hill in 1913.  Their children, all born in Hough, were:

William Whaley, born 1854

Emma Whaley, born 1856  

Caroline Whaley, born 1858

John Whaley, born 1861

Sarah Ann Whaley, born 1863

Mary Whaley, born 1865

Joseph Whaley, born 1868

George Whaley, born 1871

Sarah Whaley (b. Hough 1829) was a cook for Thomas Winter (solicitor) in Grantham in 1851.  In Aug 1856 she married John Fisher and moved to his home village of Welby where they had a small farm.   Sarah died in Aug 1863, leaving 4 children (all born Welby):

Alfred Fisher, born 1857, married Harriet, died in Tuxford in 1936

Mary Fisher, born 1859, died 1864

Elizabeth Fisher, born 1860 was with her grandmother, Mary Whaley, in Hough in 1861 but later returned to Welby.  She did not marry and died in 1935.

Frederick Fisher, born 1861 married Agnes Louisa and seems to have stayed in Welby.  He died in 1943.

Ann Whaley (b. Hough 1832) stayed at home in Hough.  By 1861 she was a schoolmistress but she died in 1864, aged 32.

William Whaley (b. Hough 1835). In 1861 William was an agricultural labourer, living with his brother James' family in Hough.  In 1871 he was living in Caythorpe with Ann Colby (a widow, nee Bishell) and her surviving 2 children as boarders.  Her children with her first husband Charles Colby (died 1867) were:

Sarah Colby, born Wilsford 1859

William Colby, born Wilsford 1860, died 1863

John Colby, born Caythorpe 1862

That spring William married Ann and their first daughter was born in Caythorpe that August.   They then moved to Hough.  William and Ann had 5 daughters:

Emma Whaley, born Caythorpe 1871  

• Anne Whaley, born Hough c1871

Alice Whaley, born Hough 1876

Eliza Whaley, born Hough 1879

Mary Whaley, born Hough 1883

William died in Apr 1884; Ann stayed in Hough and remarried  William Bennett from Welbourn in 1886.  She died in 1888, aged 51. William Bennett stayed in Hough until he died in 1912.

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