Generation 5 – Children of Thomas Whaley (b. 1756)

John Whaley (b Long Bennington 1789) moved to Hougham before marrying Ann Simpson at Hough in Nov 1812.  Ann was a widow (possibly nee Lawson).  John worked as an agricultural labourer and died at Hough in Jan 1842.

James Whaley (b. Long Bennington 1791) married Mary Watchorn in Westborough in Jan 1812.  She was from Westborough and they lived there until moving to Hough around 1820.  James, who was an agricultural labourer, died in 1859. Mary died in 1879, aged 86.  They had 8 children:

Ann Whaley, born Westborough 1812, died 1818

Elizabeth Whaley, born Westborough 1814

Mary Whaley, born Westborough 1817

John Whaley, born Hough 1823, died 1828

James Whaley, born hough 1826

Sarah Whaley, born Hough1829

Ann Whaley, born Hough 1832

William Whaley, born Hough 1835

Edward Whaley (b. Long Bennington 1800) married Elizabeth (possibly Elizabeth Tow) and lived in Hough, where he was an agricultural labourer and they had 6 children:

Rebecca Whaley, born 1830

John Whaley, born 1832, died 1846

Ellen Whaley, born 1835

Ann Whaley, born 1837, died 1853

Robert Whaley, born 1840

Edward Whaley, born 1844 died in infancy

Elizabeth died in 1844, only about 7 weeks after their infant son Edward.  By 1851 Ruth Lawson, a widow born in Stragglethorpe, was acting as housekeeper for Edward and his younger son Robert.   By 1861 his housekeeper was another widow, Esther Blackbourn (nee Squires), who he married in 1863.  Edward died in Aug 1875.

William Whaley (b. Long Bennington 1804) was convicted in Apr 1827 (Kesteven Quarter Sessions) of stealing a sack and a pair of men's leather slippers, the property of Robert Rimmington of Long Bennington, farmer; and stealing a hempen sack and 1 other sack, the property of Samuel Campain.  The stolen property was found under Whaley’s bed.  He was sentenced to 7 years transportation to New South Wales. The convict ship Bussorah Merchant sailed from London in March 1828, but Whaley was the first of 4 convicts to die on board, on 18th April (medical report).  On arrival in Australia the ship was quarantined due to the smallpox onboard.

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