Proposed Large Wind Farm at Temple Hill

RWE npower is planning to build a large wind farm at Temple Hill, south of the road between Brandon and Stubton.

The proposal is for 5 turbines, each with a base to blade tip height of 126.5m (415ft).  This will make them visible for over 20 miles. By comparison, the temporary anemometer tower (planning application link) on the site was around 80m high, the Frinkley Farm turbine near Marston is 66.7m high and the new turbine between Allington and Downtown is 34m high, i.e. each of these would be nearly 4 times as big!

Clearly this proposal will have a significant effect - not least on the landscape - over a very wide area, as well as a devastating impact on the villages and farms nearest the site. The maps below are taken from the back of the online application (with place names in blue added).      

This video explains some of the issues.

Proposed site plan (does not show control buildings or how power is connected to grid).   Large grid squares are 1km.

Turbines visible from shaded area (blue = all 5 turbines visible)

Height comparison - the proposed turbines for Temple Hill are slightly higher than illustrated here

reVOLT - Rural Economies and
Voters Oppose Loveden Turbines

A group of local residents have formed reVOLT to coordinate action against the proposed industrial wind farm at Temple Hill.  It aims to:

reVOLT website

Illegitimi non carborundum!

Hough Grange in 2015 (simulation using original plans)

Hough Grange, near Brandon, in 2012

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