Brandon in 20th Century
Greystones, looking across the stackyard from behind Old Hall, 1960s Brandon Church, 1960s before Rose Cottage was rebuilt Old Hall, across Brandon Pond, 1960 Crop Spraying at Brandon, 1948 Billy Searson’s bus which ran from Barkston to Newark every Wednesday, stopping at Brandon.  Pulfreys ran a service from Great Gonerby. Brandon History - Part 2 Map test

In the late 1940s German POWs were housed in Groom’s Cottage and the attics of Brandon Hall while they worked on the farms.  

After the war, village fetes were in the field opposite Brandon Hall. The gate off Hall Road was the entrance, stalls were under the brick shed and there was Bowling for a Pig was on the left in the corner near the gate.

This field had a sheep dip (just behind the shed and slightly to the right) and there was also a pond there which extended into what is now the garden of The Courtyard.  In the corner nearest Brandon Hall (and perhaps part of the Courtyard garden)  there was a tennis court.  This was used by the whole village and maintained by Mr Jex, the Burtts and the German POWs.

There were whist drives and meetings at the barn next to Greystones, what is now the Granary and the barn opposite Old Hall Barn. The floor to the latter was raised to about 3ft and it was used for storing hay.

The village has never had a pub (as far as we know) but did have the Social Club.  This wooden hut came from RAF Cranwell and was apparently the one used by Frank Whittle when he was developing the jet engine.  The hut was erected next to the church by David & Fred Magan in the 1960s.  It was destroyed by fire in 1997.   

Brandon, Summer 1957, Church & Church Farm Vintage bicycle meeting at village hall, Church Lane