Section 1 Neighbourhood Planning General

1.        Locality Neighbourhood Planning Roadmap and Worksheets Map (2013) (PDF)

2.        CPRE Guide to Neighbourhood Planning (PDF 3.5Mb)

3.        The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (PDF)

4.        Decision Notification/Approval of Neighbourhood Plan Area (PDF 335kb)


Section 2 National and Local Planning Policy

5.        National Planning Policy Framework (PDF 870kb)

6.        South Kesteven Local Development Framework (Adopted Core Strategy) (PDF 3Mb)

7.        SA-SEA for Core Strategy (PDF 2Mb)

8.        South Kesteven Green Infrastructure Strategy (PDF 8Mb)

9.        South Kesteven Wind Energy SPD (PDF 1Mb)

10.     DCLG Planning Practice Guidance - Renewable and Low Carbon Energy (website)

11.     SKDC Site Allocation and Policies DPD (website)

12.     Lincolnshire Minerals Local Plan 1991 (PDF 6.3Mb)

13.     Lincolnshire Waste Local Plan 2006 (website)

14.     4th Lincolnshire Local Transport Plan 2013 (PDF 3.57Mb)

15.     Lincolnshire Network Management Plan 2014 (PDF 384kb)

16.     Lincolnshire Countryside Access and Rights of Way Improvement Plan (PDF 1.64Mb)


Section 3 Information about the Parish

17.     Census 2011 (Population, Dwellings, Economic Activity) (PDF 34kb)

18.     Transport and Accident Data: Hough on the Hill Area (PDF 315kb) / Extended Area (3.5Mb)

19.     Hough on the Hill Conservation Area Appraisal (Consultation Draft March 2014) (PDF 1Mb)

20.     Hough on the Hill Conservation Area Map (and important views index) (PDF 772kb)

21.     Hough on the Hill Flood Risk Map (JPG 133kb)

22.     Agri Environment Schemes (PDF 205kb)

23.     Historic Statutory (PDF 282kb)

24.     SKDC Housing Register Information (PDF 22kb)

25.     Local Broadband Plan for Lincolnshire (website)

26.     Lincolnshire Bus Map and Guide (website)


Section 4 Landscape Character Assessment

27.     Natural England Landscape Character Assessment Guidance (PDF 4.6Mb)

28.     National Character Area Profile No 48 Trent & Belvoir Vales (PDF 4.8Mb)

29.     East Midlands Regional Landscape Character Assessment (PDF)

30.     South Kesteven Landscape Character Assessment (PDF)

31.     The Historic Landscape Character Assessment for Lincolnshire (website)

32.     Forestry and Woodland Schemes (PDF 280kb)

33.     Countryside Access (PDF 292kb)

34.     Habitats (PDF 295kb)

35.     Landscape Classifications (PDF 172kb)

36.     NP Survey Covering Letter (PDF 34kb)

37.     LCA Questionnaire (PDF 39kb)

38.     LCA Workshop Flyer (PDF 468kb)

39.     LCA Workshop Poster (PDF 217kb)

40.     Neighbourhood Plan Appendix One (Landscape Character Report) (PDF 5Mb)

41.     Neighbourhoood Plan Appendix Two (Loveden Hill Local Green Space) (PDF 473kb)


Section 5 Consultations

42.     NP 1st Flyer and Questionnaire (PDF 585kb)

43.     Summary Report of Responses to Initial Consultation (PDF 55kb)

44.     Village Link Advert (PDF 32kb)

45.     Consultation Leaflet Jan 2014 (PDF 268kb)

46.     Proposals Questionnaire Jan 2014 (PDF)

47.     Questionnaire Analysis Jan 2014 (PDF 28kb)

48.     Press Release (Jan 2014) (PDF 65kb)

49.     Grantham Journal Jan 2014 (PDF 1.4Mb)

50.     Jan Public Workshop Poster (PDF 98kb)

51.     Consultation Workshop Report January 2014 (PDF 77kb)

52.     Next Steps Moving Forward (PDF 84kb)

53.     Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Draft (July 2104) (PDF 3.4Mb)

54.     Statutory Consultation Leaflet (PDF 78kb)

55.     Address List for Statutory Pre-Submission Consultation Letters (PDF 56kb)

56.     Natural England Consultation Response Letter 23.06.14 (PDF 95kb)

57.     Website snapshot Feb 2014 (PDF 159kb)

58.     Website snapshot Jul 2014 (PDF 265kb)


Section 6 Supporting Documents

59.     Strategic Environmental Assessment Screening Report (PDF 496kb)

60.     English Heritage SEA Screening Response

61.     Natural England SEA Screening Response (PDF 89kb)

62.     Environment Agency SEA Screening Response (PDF 435kb)

63.     SKDC SEA Screening Response (PDF 333kb)

64.     Statutory Consultation Timetable (PDF 34kb)

65.     Policy Compliance Analysis (Hough on the Hill Neighbourhood Plan Policies) (PDF 693kb)

66.     Hough on the Hill NP Project Plan/Timetable (PDF 60kb)